Do Your Homework

Make sure the builder is following your town’s codes. Check with the zoning board to find out what kind of permits and fees are involved with building a pool. Check several sources of financing to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Dealers and builders can often...

Pool Costs

You have two options when buying a pool: above ground or in-ground. The cost for an in-ground pool starts at about $20,000, and varies depending on the size of the pool and degree of customization. Other details, such as decking, landscaping, safety equipment,...

Decking Options

Broom finished concrete This is the decking that comes standard with our pools. As the name implies, it is normal gray concrete with a broom finish on it for slip resistance. This is the least expensive and most maintenance free option and is attractive and practical....

Cover and Winterizing

Balancing, winterizing and covering your pool during the winter months is recommended. Equipment and plumbing can freeze and break if not properly winterized. A small submersible pump is very useful to have as your pool or cover will need to be pumped out occasionally...

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