The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Pool

1. Timing

The process probably takes longer than you expect. The permit process, on average, takes two to six weeks and the pool building process can take three to eight weeks depending on weather and construction type.

2. Know Your Property/Township Requirements

It’s very important to find your survey and ascertain if you have any easements, lot restrictions and/or township restrictions that could limit pool placement or prevent a pool at all.

3. Grading/Water Management

When placing your pool knowing where the water or drains are going to be placed is very important. When deciding on a contractor, mason or landscaper, it is very important that this company or individual has a plan for this.

4. Size Matters

What is important is finding the right size pool for your family and property. Having a professional mark out the exact shape and size of your pool cannot be underestimated. Drawings and 3D renderings are ok, but unless you are walking the area it is difficult to get a a feel for the actual size. Not that bigger is always better, but the most common phrase that we hear is, “I wish I would have went bigger.”

5. Don’t Be Cheap

The old adage “You get what you pay for” is true when it comes to buying your pool. Some options like designer patios and free form shapes must be done when installing your pool.

6. Got Sun?

You want as much sunlight as possible when placing your pool in your yard. Not only will the sun help heat your pool, but nothing looks more stunning than the sunshine sparkling off of the crystal clear water.

7. Find a Pro

When choosing a pool company, ask for referrals. Make sure the company services what they sell and that they stand behind their product.


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