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Are you planning to have a pool party but you’re worried about your cloudy pool water? There are ways to make sure that the water quality in your pool is up to your standards. Proper water chemistry is what makes the difference between sparkling clear pool water and green, algae filled, cloudy pool water. Maintaining water quality ensures that your pool is safe and clean for your family and guests. Some people think that they can just drop chlorine in their pool and forget about the issue altogether but there is more to it than that.

Here at Pool Town we suggest that you test your pool water 1-2 times a month. Maintaining high water quality standards will save a pool owner time and money in the long run. Dirty and cloudy pool water can damage your filter and the worse it gets the harder it is to get your pool water quality back to where it needs to be. The water tests we perform here at Pool Town will tell you the level of chlorine, cyanuric acid, phosphates, and other chemicals found in your swimming pool. Chlorine is an important part of your pool water’s chemistry because it kills bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms. Not having enough chlorine in your pool will give bacteria and algae an environment they can thrive in but too much can cause skin and eye irritation amongst other effects. The experts here at Pool Town will not only test the chlorine level in your pool but teach you about the many different options when it comes to types of chlorine and how to maintain proper levels of it in your pool.

Cyanuric acid is a chemical ingredient found in chlorine and it stabilizes the chlorine so that it does not get destroyed by the sun. It is crucial to maintain the level of cyanuric acid in your pool because if the levels are too high it will reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine. Our knowledgeable staff will instruct you on how to monitor your cyanuric acid level so that the chlorine in your pool is performing optimally.

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