patioBroom finished concrete This is the decking that comes standard with our pools. As the name implies, it is normal gray concrete with a broom finish on it for slip resistance. This is the least expensive and most maintenance free option and is attractive and practical. Will stain easily and like any other concrete flat work can develop cracks, something that cannot be fixed and we do not guarantee against.

Textured concrete There are many types of textured concrete products. These are epoxy-based materials sprayed on top of existing concrete, and then textured and colored. Spraydeck®, Cooldeck®, Spraycrete® and Syntex® are some popular types. Can be applied on existing concrete. Tend to be cooler on bare feet than other products and depending on the texture can be more slip resistant. Requires various types of maintenance. Best for renovation of existing concrete.

Stamped concrete This is concrete with added colors, which is stamped to emulate different type stone or paved patios. It is sealed to lock in the colors and give it luster. It looks very beautiful and is very popular as an upgrade from standard concrete decking. It is more expensive, very slippery if not sealed with a sealer that includes anti-skid additives and does require occasional resealing. More resistant to staining but being concrete, it is also subject to cracking. Dark colors can get pretty hot on bare feet.

Always add anti skid additives to sealer as per manufacturer specifications before sealing.

Architectural Stamped Concrete It is a proprietary technique which is similar to standard stamped concrete, but the finish is comprised of a single color and is not sealed, giving it a less shiny appearance and a greater slip resistance surface.

Pavers This type of decking is very beautiful but ranges from expensive to very expensive. Dark pavers or stone can get pretty hot on bare feet. Also grass and weeds can grow in between the pavers as soil and dust collects there.

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