One of the best things about a vinyl pool is how easy a pool liner replacement is. Most companies can finish it in less time than it takes to resurface or repair a concrete or fiberglass pool, depending on how much water is needed to fill it. But there are so many other benefits to building a vinyl swimming pool.

You’ll save money. It’s less expensive to build vinyl pools. The actual swimming pool liners are relatively inexpensive (even when they use a custom design) in comparison to a concrete or fiberglass pool, which require additional materials to ensure their stability.

You can have any design you want. There are a LOT of options when it comes to your swimming pool liners, and new advances in technology have created liners that are akin to works of art. You can also change the entire design and feel of your yard with a pool liner replacement; concrete and fiberglass will never look any different, so there’s no room for experimentation. Furthermore, a vinyl pool can be built in any shape or size you’d like, whereas a fiberglass pool must fit a certain size and shape, since it’s made in a mold.

Vinyl pools are easy on the feet. Vinyl swimming pool liners are smooth to the touch, so you’re unlikely to scratch yourself while wading or swimming. They’re also designed to keep algae at bay, which can make a pool feel slimy. Concrete pools are porous, so you may find yourself cleaning algae more often – and spending more money on tools and chemicals to do it.

Repairs are simpler. Patching a small hole or tear in an inground vinyl swimming pool is inexpensive and fast. Fixing a fiberglass or concrete pool takes more time and more money, and may need to be done more often.

Vinyl is durable. Vinyl liners last a long time, so many homeowners can go up to 20 years without a pool liner replacement. In comparison, you need to resurface a concrete pool every 5-10 years, and if you crack a fiberglass pool, you may have to replace the entire structure.

The warranties are great. Most pool professionals offer warranties for their liner as well as on the vinyl pools themselves.

One of the best things about inground vinyl swimming pools, however, is that you can change them over to a salt water generator at any time. Salt water generators are initially expensive, but they phase out your need to use harsher chemicals over time, saving you time and money. (Salt water pools are often called “self-cleaning pools” by their owners, since the maintenance time is so little.)

Ultimately, you want the right pool for your needs. But considering the ease and cost of repairs, the almost limitless options for designs, and the short amount of time for even a total pool liner replacement, a vinyl inground pool is always a sure bet!


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