Phase 2: Excavation to Backfill

How long does the Construction Process referred to as Phase 2 take?

We guarantee to have water in your pool within 45 working days from obtaining permits. However, there are things that are outside of our control, such as weather.

Do I need to be at home at all during the process?

It is required that the homeowner be there on the day of Excavation AND on the day of the electrical wiring to main panel (due to this being inside your home).

Will someone be at my property every single day?

The nature of the work is such that we are not going to be there on a daily basis. We work as efficiently as possible and have to work around town and state-mandated inspections.

Who schedules the inspections?

Our office schedules all inspections during this phase. We ask that you do not try to schedule these inspections yourself, as it complicates the process.

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