Phase 3: Start-up, Orientation, Patio/WF, & Clean-up

What do I need to be home for during the Phase 3 process?

Homeowners are required to be home for the pool orientation and the patio pour. Unless otherwise stated, homeowners do not need to be home for any other part of the Phase 3 process.

How many hours a day do I run my filter now that my system has been started up?

The timer will be set accordingly by our technicians and you will be taught how to adjust it at the pool orientation. The pool will be set to run at least 12hrs a day.

When does the patio get poured?

At least 3-6 weeks after the backfill, the patio will be poured. The mason will contact and schedule an appointment with you directly prior to the actual pour date to discuss and confirm your options. He will also assess the ground settling around the perimeter of the pool at that time.

When is the pool going to be cleaned?

The office will schedule a technician to complete your final cleaning 7- 10 days after the patio is poured. Any handrails, ladders and diving boards will be installed at this time as well, due to concrete curing time and waterfall installation if applicable. There is one cleaning included with your pool. Thus, we recommend waiting until all of the your additional work is complete

How do I schedule my waterfall to be installed?

The waterfall mason is contacted the day your patio is poured and will contact you directly to confirm your installation date, which usually is 7-10 days after the patio is poured. He will also schedule an appointment to meet with you on your property to discuss options.

When can I put my fence back up and or install a new fence?

You can continue with fence closure and any landscaping after all masonry work including a waterfall (if applicable) is completed.

Where is the winter cover included in my contract?

The deluxe water bag cover included in your pool contract is delivered when you schedule your first pool closing with our service department. We do not bring it during the construction process but keep it on record that it is owed to you. If you are interested in upgrading to a pool safety cover, our service department, Excel Pool Service, will be able to provide you with a quote and give you a credit for the unused deluxe waterbag cover towards the safety cover. Once the construction process is completed in its entirety, you will receive all of the contact information for our service department Excel Pool Service.

Who schedules final inspections?

The homeowner is responsible for scheduling all required final inspections directly with the township once all extra work is done. Fencing and seed is required. Some towns may require additional items, and it is up to the homeowner to confirm what they need when they schedule. For more info on this, see the “As-Built and Final Inspection” sheet that is available on BuilderTrend.

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