liner_characteristicsDark versus light Pools with dark liners tend to be warmer. Lighter colors tend to look less faded as the liner ages. Dark colors printed on white background will show the most fade and may scratch easier. Liners with multiple colors will fade the fastest and scratch the easiest, especially if they are printed on white background.

Small Tears and holes can be patched without compromising the liner life and performance. If a small tear or hole is noticed during liner installation most pool contractors should repair it on the field unless they feel that it will compromise the liner’s performance or is readily visible, in which case it should be replaced.

Water chemistry is critical for liner longevity just like it is for fiberglass and concrete pools. It is very important that pool owners follow guidelines for correct water chemistry and correct use of cleaning chemicals and equipment. A liner can fail prematurely because of incorrect use of chemicals and off balance water and such damage is not covered under any warranty.

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