waterfallWaterfalls add an extra dimension to an inground pool and can provide the final touch of a breathtaking backyard view. There are two kinds of waterfalls, Prefabricated and custom made with real boulders. Prefabricated waterfalls might eventually fade or crack but are less expensive than the real boulders. Real boulder waterfalls tend to mesh very well with color concrete patios even though the colors are not the same. The waterfall is simply connected to the pool pump and acts as another return to your pool. As and added bonus no specific electrical line will have to be added in order to run your waterfall.

Waterfalls really allow you to push the envelope when it comes to designing your own backyard oasis. Its your opportunity to get creative with your inground pool concept and encorporate landscaping elements such as plants and flowers creating the feel of your swimming pool being nestled in your own private garden. Our waterfalls encorporate only the finest hand selected moss rock, and limestone boulders giving it a magnificent look and feel. Cool pools can become outstanding pools by adding a beautifully handcrafted real boulder waterfall. Just imagine relaxing in your own private backyard garden getaway as you listen to the soothing sounds of your waterfall flowing in the background.

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