Take a moment for yourselves in a Cameo spa.

Find it hard to slow down and just relax? The Sundance Cameo spa has special features designed for you, like a cool-down seat that eases you in gradually. Whirlpool jets bubbling up from the footwell coax you into letting go, and with a lounge seat to give you a full-body massage, a Sundance Cameo spa makes it easy (even for you!) to relax. Add SunScents Aromatherapy to enhance the mood.

Spa Highlights

ComforTone™ Headrest

  • Wraps around entire curved corner
  • Supports head and neck as you move
  • Durable, attractive two-tone comfort panel

Whirlpool Jets

  • Three powerful whirlpool jets in footwell
  • Vigorous action for diffused effervescence
  • Bold foot and leg massage

SunScents™ Aromatherapy

  • Infuses aromatic bubbles into the water
  • Eight aromas evoke moods – calming to energizing
  • Scented beads (optional) vaporize through injector jets

Exclusive Sundance Spas features and options

Hey look, everybody’s here-sized is one way to describe the big, beautiful Optima spa from Sundance Spas. With seating for seven, a cascading AquaTerrace waterfall, and massaging jets from the reflexology foot dome, this large hot tub brings the Sundance spa lifestyle to your backyard. 39 jets deliver an impressive range of massage variations. Unique wrap-around ComforTone headrests cradle your head. There is a built-in aromatherapy system for adding SunScents fragrance, and programmable LED lighting. So when everyone shows up, get out of the house, and into your own large hot tub: the Sundance Optima spa.

  • SunScents™ aromatherapy
  • AquaTerrace™ LED lighting
  • SunSound™ Stereo with remote control (optional)


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